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The Full Story


I am from Christchurch, New Zealand, however, spent most of my adult life in Queensland, Australia, where I completed my degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and have now come back home.

I was a competitive swimmer from the age of 7 and still swim to this day. I prefer open water swimming to the pool these days. 

My other loves are surfing, hiking, yoga, my dog Franklin, and cat, Max. 

I also have a massive love for helping people make peace with food. 

I have done recent training in the following courses. 

  • RO-DBT for Dietitian's working in Eating Disorders.  This is an evidence based model to help people with over controlled personality types. 

  • DBT for Dietitian's working in eating disorders. 

  • FBT for Dietitian's working in eating disorders. Dietitian's have an important role to help parents know how much food is necessary to re-feed their child. 

  • Sports Nutrition for Dietitian's working in eating disorders- recovering from REDs and your Eating disorder. 

I am looking forward to learning more about TBTs in 2023. This is an exciting treatment model that looks at personality traits and temperaments to guide treatment, with using supports, such as family, partners, and friends. 


To help people overcome their eating disorder

Aim for 100% full recovery 

Provide the latest evidence-based nutrition therapy 

To up-skill in all new research and counselling techniques. 


To see treatment in New Zealand be fair and equitable 

To advocate for overseas models to be implemented in NZ

To have local professional teams to work together. 

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