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The Eat Clinic uses a caring and supportive approach to understand your background, your relationship with food, and ideas about health. Victoria is a clinical registered dietitian who is very passionate about helping people recover from eating disorders.

Victoria has had experience working with all types of eating disorders and has professional contacts to help in other areas of recovery to provide a multidisciplinary approach to your recovery.

The main goal of The Eat Clinic is to help people who have been yo-yo dieting, and weight cycling and have fear and guilt about eating. Using the non-diet and "Health At Every Size" HAES Framework to explore ideas together to come up with sustainable health behaviours that will empower you to live a life where eating is enjoyable and choosing foods that will nourish you. You will be challenged with your current ideas about good and bad food, and associating feelings of guilt and eating. Using evidence-based counselling techniques and incorporating food science to help you understand why all food can be enjoyed in a balanced diet, the aim is to help you be free from diet culture and recover from disordered eating and diagnosed eating disorders.

The Eat Clinic is becoming a more online-based clinic so is more accessible to more people who may not live in the Christchurch. You can book a Zoom consultation online or if you are in the Christchurch area you can book an appointment for a face to face consultation at my Riccarton clinic or arrange a house visit. 

Introducing Recovery Record. 

The Eat Clinic uses the latest approaches to eating disorder recovery, including the mobile phone app Recovery Record. Recovery Record has revolutionised eating disorder management, from the convenience and privacy of your mobile phone. It provides a supportive space where the entire treatment team can collaborate and manage the recovery of your eating disorder and it is very easy to use.

You can download the app here 

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