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Before The First Appointment

Before your first appointment, you have a little homework to do.


Do not stress, it is not too hard, you just need to keep a food diary for at least 4 days. At least 2 days on the weekend and 2 on a weekday.

This is an important part of your treatment. I need to know what you eat so I can make a nutritional diagnosis, then we can talk about the changes that can help to assist your health goals. 

You can download and print off a template from the link below.

The First Time 

The first appointment is 60 minutes. 

I will ask questions to find out more about you, and the things that make you uniquely you!  I gather information about your medical history, if you take medications, what your living situation is like, your biochemical data- (blood tests)  your body composition, and the reason you have come to see me.

We talk about the food you like, the food you hate, your cooking skills, health issues, and clear up any questions you have about food and nutrition. 

Then we make goals, and come up with a plan to achieve them! 

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