The Eat Clinic

250 Springfield Road

St Albans


New Zealand

Tel: 027 226 1058

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Meet Victoria 

I completed my degree in Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of the Sunshine Coast, in Australia. I was very lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world while being a student Dietitian.  I travelled to Townsville, QLD with my two Labradors to complete my clinical training, where I gained experience in many clinical conditions, such as diabetes, general surgery, oncology, eating disorders, cardiovascular disease, weight management, bariatric surgery, burns, private practice, malnutrition, nutrition support (TPN, EN) and community work.

When I finished my studies I opened a private practice on the Sunshine Coast called Eat Move and Love. I worked with many types of clinical cases, and I also facilitated workshops called "Peace of Cake" where I taught mindful eating to groups.

My Labs and I are now based in Christchurch, my home town.  We are loving the cooler climate and abundance of dog walking tracks where the dogs can run free without the fear of being bitten by a snake.

I have now started a new private practice in Christchurch called "The Eat Clinic". Located at the St Albans Medical Centre, on Springfield Road, St Albans. Home visits are an option also

My passion is to help people with their eating concerns, and I pride myself on listening to my clients and investigating thoroughly to come to a resolution to the nutrition issue.