Tips to keep moving forward with Eating Disorder recovery in lockdown

  • Don’t stick to the same thing every day- Eating Disorders love rigidity the best way to not get stuck is to keep things different. Even small things like eating a different breakfast, or not making your bed if you normally do.

  • Celebrate small wins - never underestimate the small challenges and how they are helping you move forward.

  • Organise a Zoom dinner date. Keep accountable, organise with your recovery buddies to have a dinner or lunch date to keep up with social eating.

  • Prioritise breakfast - get up eat. It’s not negotiable, it will set you up for a good day.

  • Dance - move your body in a meaningful mindful intentional way, find your mind body connection. (Only if you have had your food)

  • Try a new hobby. Use the traits that make you good at your Eating Disorder to be good at something else. Perfection, obsession, compulsive, precise. Crafts, sewing, language, poetry, meditation.

  • Meditate - it’s been said those who find it the hardest need it the most!!

  • If it’s too much to try challenging fear foods when isolated at home, then it is ok to just do your best to keep your head above water and make sideways steps until you are ready to take steps up the ladder again. Keep in touch with your treatment team and support crew.

  • Not every meal needs to be perfect - anything is better than nothing. Keep it simple, cook enough for a few meals, have a few ingredients at home that you can make a quick easy dinner that includes fats, carbs, and protein.

  • Go shopping when it is not going to be busy - supermarket shopping can be anxiety provoking at the best of times when making decisions. Go when you know you won’t have to wait in line, have a list of what you want, accept we are in a crappy situation, and do the best you can.

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