Meet Victoria

My Vision

  • Use up to date evidence-based treatments for all eating or diet issues. 

  • To empower people with the skills to take control of their eating habits. 

  • To challenge diet culture beliefs and liberate people to eat without guilt.

  • To teach people about nutrition, eating a balanced diet, and how much food is enough for the life they live. 

  • To encourage enjoyable social eating with friends and family. 

  • To increase the awareness of eating disorders to the wider community including health professionals, education sectors, and to the vulnerable people who are predisposition to eating disorders to help prevent the onset. 

Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist

I am originally from Christchurch, however, I completed my studies at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, where I lived for a good part of my adult life. I have always been interested in health, nutrition and sports. I am into swimming, running, surfing, mountain biking, and yoga. 

I think we all go into a nutrition degree with a preconceived idea that we will learn about good and bad food, and that we can become superhuman with the perfect diet. But the most valuable thing that I learnt from my studies is that we can eat ALL foods as part of a balanced diet. I was probably not expecting the greatest lesson would be that I can eat chocolate, or ice cream and I don't need to feel guilt, shame, or that it is unhealthy. How liberating!!!! 

If you have not heard about the Anti Diet revolution I would recommend that you listen to Christie Harrison's podcast called "Food Psych".(there is a link in my resource page) It will change the way you look at diet culture forever. And there are many other anti-diet dietitians who are helping change the preconceived notion that a dietitian is the food police. 

The main passion I have is to help people with disordered eating and eating disorders. This comes from my struggles with disordered eating in the past. I understand how the obsessive narrative that diet culture plays out in our head works. And I can honestly say it is so freeing to let it go. Recovery is possible, but I understand it takes hard work. 

I continue to learn about how eating disorders work. Psychology, learnt eating behaviours, genetic traits, physiology, and our environment all have an impact on the development of eating disorders and this is why a team approach is necessary to the treatment, and I encourage you to include your GP and your psychologist in your treatment. 

I will continue to learn more about this topic, so I can provide the best service I can to my clients. I honestly believe you can recover, and have a wonderful relationship with food and yourself. 

I have professional membership with 

  • New Zealand Dietitians Board

  • Dietitians New Zealand

  • International Federation of Eating Disorder Dietitians

  • Eating Disorder Registered Dietitians Pro

  • Academy of Eating Disorders (AED)