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I am Victoria a New Zealand registered dietitian based in Christchurch. Whether it is in-person or online (via Zoom), I work with clients both locally and all over the world.  


I have a passion for helping people with all types of eating disorders. This comes from my struggles with disordered eating in the past. I know how the obsessive eating disorder narrative plays out in our head. The most valuable thing that have I learnt from my recovery and career is that we can eat ALL foods as part of a balanced diet.

I understand that psychology, learnt eating behaviours, genetic traits, physiology and our environment all have an impact on the development of eating disorders. Understanding your background, your relationship with food and ideas about health is the first step. I help to reframe your thinking and coping to shift away from the eating disorder. 


A multidisciplinary approach is necessary for the treatment, so I will work along aside your GP, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Physiotherapist, or Personal Trainer if you have one.


I offer one-on-one sessions, group recovery sessions and carer support discussions. 

I honestly believe recovery is possible! You can have a wonderful relationship with food and yourself. 

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